Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Your mail is of great importance to us...

December, January, & February is a time of Christmas of course and also a time where our family celebrates 3 members birthdays. Our mailbox at Kijabe has been overflowing with birthday cards, christmas presents, christmas cards, birthday presents and notes of encouragement. Thank-you (even though we can't name everyone) your support is needed and appreciated.

Although the packages don't always arrive in the best condition to Kijabe. They do make it. This package just arrived and was post-dated December 11th in Littleton, Colorado.

The package came with a note from the Kenyan Post-Office. Surprisingly, all the contents of the package arrived!

The end product. The girls love their new dresses. (Thanks Auntie Ana!)


Ana said...

The girls look so cute! I'm so glad everything arrived almost 2 months later. Thank you for posting that picture--I love seeing the girls :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That is one down. We hope that Jan's package arrives too. They look so grownup!
Love, Grammie