Thursday, February 4, 2010


Do you see our little Saturday morning visitor at our back door?

All that is left up our potato crop in our garden after we were gone for a couple hours. It seem a troop of Baboons dug up every single potato plant. The Baboons are very smart as they have been pawing at the soil in our garden but patiently waiting for the potatoes to become mature.

All that is left of our harvest. We were waiting just one more week to dig up our potatoes. Well maybe there is enough left for a couple french-fries.


Family said...

That is a slightly dissapointing potato crop...I guess the baboons didn't read the sign "Friess' Potatos" and thought they were for them! Maybe a sign "Not for baboons" would get the message across? lol.


Anonymous said...

I guess everybody has to eat. But I know the feeling of coming home to Nada.

Megan said...

Who knew the baboons were so smart?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sad. They decimated the potato patch that was looking so good when we were there! The baboons are smart, waiting until the potatoes are ready to eat. Will Daniel have to extend the cage over the potatoes too? How is everything else growing? Is the lettuce still continuing to grow? Boo hoo. As Dad would say, "The birds, baboons, whatever have to eat too." but I do not want them to eat in my garden! Mom

The Friess Family said...

We may need to extend our mesh fencing.

Sarah said...

Dr. Friess, you should check out my latest blog post, I got the idea from working at the dental clinic!