Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your Generosity Has Done This...Part 1

We have enjoyed having Daniel around our house. We could not do what we need to do at the hospital without his help gardening, planting, pruning, raking, watering etc. He is trying to raise money to build a house (which he has started) and also to save for a dowry. Daniel is engaged to be married..but can not marry until he has his own house and a dowry to pay his future father-in-law (generally about 2 cows he told me depending upon the level of education she has).

One month ago Daniel came as usual with 2 liters of fresh milk, but was visibly upset. He told us that his dairy cow had gotten loose and fell into a ditch and broken its leg. He asked us for a small loan to have the animal inspected by a veterinarian. As expected the dairy cow was not salvageable and was slaughtered the next day for meat.

Daniel's dairy cow was producing with 2 milkings about 20-24 liters per day. All in all after selling the milk minus the cost of the feed he nets about 8 dollars per day which is a great business for a young man like Daniel. As you can imagine losing his dairy cow left him heart-broken, as it would delay the building of his house and savings for a dowry and consequently delay his marriage.

Just last week your generosity purchased Daniel a new dairy cow. Meredith and I were able to visit Daniel at his house and see the new cow (no name yet) milking. Daniel is very pleased as the cow is healthy, feeding well, about 4 years old (has already birthed 2 calves), and producing about 30 liters of milk per day.

Daniel wrote the following thank-you note,

"Thank-you so much for your generous heart to help me buy a cow after I lost my first one. I was much stressed but you enlightened my life in the most wonderful way. God bless you and gives you more. It's a big step that you have made me go because I am in the middle of my house project and I know the sell of milk will help me make progress. I may not be able to show much how I appreciate through writing, but inside my heart I thank-you and pray for you."

thank-you & God bless you all
yours, Daniel Gochie


Anonymous said...

God Bless you Daniel. The cow I (we) helped you purchase is very beautiful. I am so happy that she is healthy. It makes me happy to read your thank you note and I thank you for taking the time to write it.

I pray that your life will be blessed and happy. Let us know how the work on your house is progressing and let us know what you name your new cow. Give her a loving rub between her eyes for me.

Our heart to heart group will continue to pray for you.

In Jesus Name,
Kathy Bend, Oregon

Christina said...

Hey Sara! Hope things are going well. I delivered a baby with an
encephalocoele this weekend. Hopefully she will be on her way to
Kijabe soon. NTD's are so common here.

Anyways, I'm celebrating today b/c my Colts are going to the Super
Bowl! You had mentioned on the phone that Malin would probably know
where at Kijabe I could watch that. So, I was going to see if you
could ask him if he has heard of any plans for a Super Bowl bash. The
Shirley's asked me to stay with them the evening of the 7th, so that's
taken care of. I can't wait to see you guys!