Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Solar Eclipse & Lip Gloss

On Friday Morning at 8:30 AM a once in a lifetime astronomical event occurred better viewed in Kenya near the equator than any other place in the world, a full Solar Eclipse (you know one of those events where the next one won't be until year 2537, except it seems like they happen about every 7 months). We were told the the day would turn to darkness, security lights would turn on, and when the blackness occurred it would cause some to think it was the second coming.

Amelia enjoyed the event at school with science teachers facilitating telescopes, filtered cameras, and projectors to view the eclipse (but she told me it was not as cool as she thought it would be). Meredith (pictured above) and I used the dental low tech approach of just gazing at the sun through a dental x-ray. At precisely 8:30 AM the moon passed in front of the sun making the appearance of a black circle with a glaring halo around it. But much to our disappointment there was no panic, no darkness, and just a lot of people gazing at the sun with a hand above their eyebrow.

As you can see Meredith found the Lip Gloss. And with Lip Gloss the more the better.

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Megan said...

Guidelines for lipgloss - the more the better!