Monday, December 21, 2009

Theatre Christmas Party

We celebrated the OR staff today and the work that they do. Food was prepared for 80 people and thankfully there is a caterer so I only made the desserts and organized the party.

Before the party was about to start I went to check on a critical post-partum patient who I was trying to get a CT scan and referral to neurosurgery in Nairobi. My best potential diagnosis's were a ruptured aneurysm or stroke that led her to present with a GSC (coma scale) of 4. She had previously been admitted for eclampsia and aspiration pneumonia and had survived and gone home well. I can't even describe the sadness of seeing her return in such poor condition. Well, as I was checking on her, her BP began to drop quickly and I called for the crash cart and began CPR. Our resuscitation was not successful and so I had to tell her husband. The baby had died 3 weeks earlier and he collapsed in grief over his wife. Please pray for Michael; he has lost so much and yet somehow he was able to profess to me, "Thank you Daktari, we know God knows what He is doing."


Anonymous said...

Yum Sara, quite the spread; but what a heart wrenching story. I will be praying for Michael. Medicine gives us access to people at all of their crossroads; and allows Jesus to touch their lives at that point. Thank you for being there even tho your heart was breaking as you extended His Hands to this sweet lady.
God Bless you and may He always go before you and with you Sara,
Hugs and prayers, Kathy

The Friess Family said...

Sara may have wanted to mention that the location of the Christmas party was the room in which all the surgical instruments are cleaned, wrapped, and sterilized.