Monday, December 21, 2009

Favorite Hymn

What is a dentist's favorite hymn? Crown Him With Many Crowns.
It's certainly corny dental humor..but it has been nice at Kijabe to be able to provide this level care for our patients. Maybe you have a few crowns in your mouth and nobody I know enjoys the process of getting a crown including the injection of long lasting anesthetic, prepping the teeth, packing cord in your gums, multiple impressions, making of temporary, and returning in a couple weeks to cement on the final crown, and then of course opening up your pocketbook for the final bill.
Much of the technique for fixed prosthodontics is the same as we would do back in America, except at least the final bill is only about 20% of that in America.

Light and Medium Body PVS impression of Bridge Prep.

Working Models that are trimmed, pindexed, dye lube, and articulated. Our fixed lab work is completed in Nairobi. Years back the impressions were sent back to America for crown fabrication. As you can imagine it took a long time.

Final FPD (bridge) in place two weeks later.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, only a dentist....... I have loved that hymn for so long but will now look at it in a whole new light. Thanks for that, Malin. I think my dentist should play that hymn as part of his office music.