Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sharon and I have been working in this position a fair amount recently. Lithotomy position is commonly used for D&Cs and vaginal hysterectomies, but we've been doing some other surgeries. Surgeries like repairs of rectal-vaginal fistulas, vesicle-vaginal fistulas, revision of female genital mutilation and vaginal reconstruction following un-repaired birth trauma. Admittedly, these surgeries are fulfilling. And the general success with these procedures, helps me deal with the many things we can't fix or improve surgically. That is also the time I'm reminded to pray, because while I know the limits to what I can do, God's power is unlimited.


Carrie said...

Sara - did you get a lot of experience in fistula repair during residency? How do you find yourself preparing yourself to meet this challenge - are you using books or videos? What advice would you have for a future post resident in Kenya?

--Carrie in cincinnati

afreakforjc said...

Wow. That lady isn't a small one, is she?