Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Party

Yesterday Sharon, Stephany (Pediatrician) and myself threw a Christmas Party for the maternity and nursery/NICU staff. Food was provided for 55 people and each received an angel tree ornament. The staff were visible and verbally appreciative of the party. As people were asked to give thanks one nurse said, "This is the result of woman power." (Previously both departments had been run by men.) Several others just simply said, thanks, no one has ever thrown us a party before. But I think all of us appreciated most the midwife who said, "You are the coolest doctors we've worked with!." I'm working on arranging a party for the surgical staff (theatre staff) as well and am reminded how far a little appreciation and thanks goes to improve morale and work attitude. Not to mention, I like being "cool."

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Sara, you are the "coolest". What a great idea to celebrate Jesus with everyone who works hard to make your job just a bit easier. Love it.

Here's to Woman Power and great doctors.