Friday, December 4, 2009


Following the delivery of the twins I was called for a woman with "arrested labor." After assessing the patient and deciding the uterus had ruptured from an attempted home birth after previous C/S and three hours of pushing, we rushed the patient for emergency C/S. While preparing the patient we got the Hb results 3.3..... I briefly wondered if this surgery would kill the patient and we'd be unable to revive her. Upon opening the abdomen I found the baby wedged in between the bladder and an open uterus. Miraculously the baby was still alive, I quickly embarked on a hysterectomy as the woman received 2 units of uncross- matched blood. As I closed we began to see her vital signs stabilizing and as you can see, she is now doing well with her son.


Family said...

Wow! What a wonderful testamony.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at what you have seen in the past year. You have seen and had to make decisions that most ob/gyn doctors never will witness in their whole career. I'm sure you can handle the "routine" c/s now in your sleep. I am amazed by you and your family. The first thing I do each day when I get on the computer is look at your blog. I must admit that I am disappointed when a day goes by and nothing is posted. Thanks for keeping the blog and letting us here in the states see how lucky we have it. I am proud to say that I worked with you at Akron General and that you delivered one of my daughters. I wish your family a blessed Christmas season.
Patty Barrett RN labor and delivery