Thursday, November 5, 2009

Malaria Vaccine

Just last week after we returned from Samaritan's Purse Leadership Retreat our daughter Meredith came down with a fever, headache (as much as you can tell with a two year old) and lethargy. We were uncertain of the cause but due to the fact that we were in Malindi and Nairobi (both areas where you can contract Malaria) the pediatrician suggested that we place Meredith on pediatric anti-malaria medicine for the next three days. Meredith's fever continued for three days along with a lot of crying and concern and uncertainty on our part. She has since recovered (Praise God).

It is estimated that Malaria takes the life of 1 million children in Africa every year. 2.37 billion are at risk from the worlds deadliest disease. Meredith is fortunate because we have ready access to needed medicine where many children in the developing world do not have the medicine needed.

A new Malarial vaccine, called RTS,S/AS2A, or Mosquirix is beginning trials here in Kenya. The first-generation vaccine is unlikley to provide more than 50% protection, but researchers believe that even that level of efficacy could make major inroads against the disease and lay the foundation for the development of more effective vaccines in the future. The goal is to have by 2025 a vaccine that is 80% effective and that lasts for at least four years. (You can find a link to the article here:

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