Friday, November 6, 2009


Three months ago on a bike ride to Amelia's school Meredith dropped her blankee. Once we found out it had been dropped we retraced are steps, but without luck. This was Meredith's "special pink blankee." It had been with her since she was a 4 lb premie in the NICU at Akron Children's hospital. I don't think she had spent a night or nap without blankee. We were convinced that someone had picked it up and we would never see it again. We asked around, sent out e-mails, and eventually gave up.
Today our hero Stacy found Meredith's blankee. It had somehow shown up in the lost-and-found box 3 months later. As you can tell Meredith was excited and comforted to find blankee.


Family said...

Hurray! I am impressed with how long she survived without it, and am glad it is found. Her expression is so precious!


Patty Barrett said...

I can't imagine my daughters not having their favorite blanket/animal. In fact, for Gracie, my youngest, we bought 2 of the same stuffed animal so that if one got lost, we would have another. I switch them out so they are both worn. Life would be miserable if either one of them lost their special blanket and animal. I am so happy for Meredith. I can't imagine the excitement that she felt when she saw her blankee. Unbelievable that it was found after all that time.
Patty Barrett (AGMC)