Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finding things

This morning greeted me with many patients and not a lot of help for rounding. As I worked my way through a stack of charts I came to one patient that needed a drain removed. While this should generally be a quick task, it wasn't because no one could find a razor blade for me to cut the stitch holding the drain in place. Frustrated I said, "Why can't we keep things like blades, gloves, gauze, strapping always available?" A very sincere nurse answered me, "We used to have blades, but they won't let us have them because we just used them to cut our nails. See look how long my nails are now." Well, now I know why.


afreakforjc said...

Totally true. There's always nurses and nursing students coming to theatre to get a scalpel blade. The large one, please. I guess no one has the concept of a nail clipper?

Christina said...

Hilarious!!! TIA.