Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fancy & Plain in Africa

It seems that as a family we resemble the now popular young girl's book, "Fancy Nancy." You see Fancy Nancy is a fictional girl's character with a little sister that likes everything fancy. She likes fancy things like accessories, papillons, chauffeurs, and frilly toothpicks in sandwiches. She uses fancy words like spectacular, ecstatic, and posh. Fancy Nancy's parents are plain as they wear plain clothing, eat vanilla ice cream, and seem to sit around reading the newspaper. Many wondered (including me) how our Fancy Nancy (Amelia) would do in Africa?

Here we are on the way to Carnival; a fall dress up festival at school with games. Meredith the Fairy has been wearing this Tinker Bell dress, plastic high-heels, and holding a magic wand for the past week. Amelia was a generic princess with a purse and a posh puppy. Mom & Dad dressed as plain old Mom & Dad. I guess we need some "Fancy" lessons from Amelia.


Megan said...

"Nothing says Fancy like lessons from Nancy!" Hopefully your evening didn't end with a slip, trip and double flip on the shoelaces.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family. And what a great idea for a school party. Beautiful dresses and accessories girls. And mom and dad - you look wonderful too.
Kathy in Bend

Jennifer said...

Beautiful picture!