Friday, September 4, 2009

Gum Boots

All of Kijabe has been praying for rain to grow the maize, fill the Ken-tanks, and turn the fields green.   It has been two years since this area has received significant rainfall.  This drought naturally adversely affects crop production and the ability to dig wells and find water aquafers.
    Just yesterday it drizzled all night long and into the afternoon.  Not nearly enough as can be seen in the parched, yellow grass in our yard.  But it was enough to settle the dust and give the girls a chance to wear there gum boots and rain jackets to school.

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Anonymous said...

In the states we often complain when it rains as it ruins our outdoor plans, but much of the world, Kenya included, rejoices and enjoys the rain. California and other parts of the states are having terrible forest and grass fires. Rain would be welcome. Do children everywhere enjoy a chance to put on their boots and raincoats and play? I think so darling little ones. Grammie