Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Post Residency Program

The Post Residency Program of which we are part of under World Medical Mission and Samaritan's Purse is a young ministry.   This two year program is less than 5 years old.  It was developed in response to 1) a shortage of doctors to staff Christian mission hospitals around the globe and 2) to meet an anticipated future need as the average age of Christian mission doctors is over 50 years old.  
It was found that many obstacles prevented young physicians from considering missions including student loans, logistics support, and fund raising.  How could a young physician transfer from residency to the mission field?  
The Post Residency program eases that transition for us in several ways.  Logistical support is provided by our coordinator for travel, visas, licenses, etc.   Financial support is provided by World Medical Mission for living expenses, travel, health insurance, medical licensing fees.  Loan repayment was arranged through WMM via Project Med Send.  Spiritually we are supported though prayer from the WMM staff, regular e-mail communication,  and an upcoming retreat with other Post-Residents and their families in October.
This ministry has grown from 1-2 post residents per year and blossomed to over 10 residents per year.  Currently there are over 20 physicians serving in the PRP in specialties including ophthalmology, general surgery, pediatrics, infectious disease, orthopedics, etc. in countries from Honduras, China, Zambia, Niger, Afghanistan, Peru, and Papa New Guinea, etc.
       Although this new program occasionally trips and stumbles, I believe there is power when evangelism and healing come together.  It is not a surprise that forces will try to thwart the good news and effectiveness of this young ministry. 
 Just in the last week young physicians like ourselves have faced setbacks  Car accidents, houses not selling, health difficulties with children, and robberies all seek to discourage and prevent doctors and their families from serving.  We pray that God overcomes these obstacles and they are allowed to go, and those serving are safe to stay.

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Megan said...

I didn't know all this. Thanks for sharing this information. Thanks for giving your time for 2 years.