Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This is Mocha our dog and fourth pet in addition to the fish (no name), Flower the bunny, and "Z" the cat.  Mocha is female but that is about all we know about her.  We don't know what breed she is or mix of more likely?   We don't know how old she is (maybe between 9-13)?  We don't know how many missionaries she has been through at this house?  We also don't know how she manages to acquire one or two ticks per week.
But Mocha is good to the girls.   She licks up any food spilled by Meredith.  She lets Amelia ride on her bak.  Mocha will accompany Sara on walks and keep the other barking dogs away.  Mocha to my delight chases Z up the tree keeping him out of the house.
  Mocha is suppose to be the house watch-dog as theft has been a minor problem in our location below the hospital.  But I have yet to hear her bark at any one in the past two months.  Usually she has this forlorn or tired look about her and spends most of the day lounging in the sun.  Regardless, culturally Kenyans are quite scared of dogs and even security people will ask that we meet them at the gate for fear of "Mocha".


Megan said...

Anna is jealous of all the pets you are acquiring. But we are glad to hear you have a guard dog.

The Friess Family said...

Anna should come for a visit with Grammie and Grampie!

Anonymous said...

Is Z still around? Grammie