Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Kenyan Way

Amelia asked last night, "Mom, can you help me carry my doll like the Kenyans carry their babies?" So, we strapped "Jenny" to here back with a kiko and Meredith of course had to do the same.  Our helper, Nancy, braided Amelia's hair last week. So, we've avoided for 10 days the tears that come with combing it. The girls enjoy living here. They've learned new things as have we. 

Some of what I've learned is different surgical procedures, Swahili, new praise songs at church, how to make Ugali, the treatment of many tropical diseases, but mostly what I'm learning about is how God loves people and provides. Over and over I see God's faithfulness and learn that God can be trusted. Trusted with the sick, my children, our careers, future plans and with all that concerns me, because ultimately God is most concerned about His creation. And God's love is truly unfathomable. 


Ana said...

I absolutely love that picture!! Meredith's dirty face--what a little ham. That will be on a slideshow someday when she gets married. And Amelia looks picture perfect! Thanks for sharing, Sar!
love you!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely darling. I want to come and play dolls with these precious granddaughters. You are learning much Sara and there are years to go. Thanks for sharing from your heart.
Love, Grammie

Anonymous said...

What a precious picture!! And we thought Amelia had the "attitude".
(I have a similar picture of Aunt Heidi and Aunt Julie--I'll have to show you.)
Love you, Mom