Saturday, August 15, 2009


Fellow post-resident Stephany (pediatrician), myself and a visiting anesthesiologist (Shannon, who took the picture) climbed Mt. Longonot today. We enjoyed the 4 hour hike up to the crater and around. Along the way we saw giraffes (look behind us for 3 of them), dik-dik, antelope, zebra and many birds.  I'm also grateful to be feeling completely better. The children also did some climbing as pictured below. I don't think the view was as spectacular, but they didn't seem to mind. These containers are often used by career missionaries to ship their households to Africa.  After being emptied they're used for storage or occasionally as a jungle gym. Meredith decided that she needed to climb as a ballerina and managed to spend the day in a leotard and tights. Below is the consequence of being an outdoor ballerina. Thank goodness we have warm water for the bath!


Ana said...

That hike sounds so cool! Great picture, too, with giraffes and I'm so glad you're feeling better.

Meredith is one cute grub nugget ballerina!

Rachel said...

It was great talking with you Sara, and the hike does sound spectacular! I'd have to agree with Ana!...these pictures make me think of the boxcar children in their early years :)