Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A day with Dad

In an unexpected last minute move a holiday in Kenya was declared by the president today. A national census is occurring and census takers work late in the evening knocking on doors; hence people may need to rest the next day due to the late night interference.
Non-emergent outpatient service were closed at Kijabe; so that meant some time extra time with Amelia & Meredith.

Amelia would say, "I had a rough day. Daddy & Mommy gave Z the cat away again.  I was at the park climbing the tree when they came to get him. This time I did not even get to say goodbye.  Then I tripped and fell down the stairs."  We don't expect Z to come back this time as they have taken him to the Kakamega Forest (roughly 400 km away).

This is what Kenya (and a day with Dad) does to Meredith.  I think under the yoghurt on her face you would find dirt, then perhaps marker, and who knows what else. 


Anonymous said...

Awe, the girls are getting so big! It looks like they are enjoying themselves! I hope all is well over there. Just wanted to say hello!

Keep in touch,

Anonymous said...

looks like dad enjoyed his day with her his cum is dripping from her mouth, lucky dad I love getting sucked by a toddler