Monday, August 24, 2009

50th Anniversary Celebration at Tenwek Hospital

Sara and I and the girls made the 180 kilometer dusty drive to Tenwek Hospital to mark the 50th Anniversary of Compassionate Health Care, Spiritual Ministry and Training for Service.  Although Tenwek Hospital has existed for nearly a century, it was only after 20 years of prayer by a dedicated nurse that in 1959 Dr. Ernie Steury the first full time physician arrived.
My how Tenwek Hospital has changed in the last century (Tenwek received its name because it took the first missionaries "Ten-weeks" to arrive from Mombassa).  Now drivers go To Tenwek and back in 1 day.  

Mrs. Ernie Steury escorted by family.  It was moving to see her greeted and thanked by Kipsigis patients of Dr. Steury (Mosonik) years ago. 

President Hubert of WGM, President David Stephens of CMDA, and former President of Kenya Daniel arap Moi were honored speakers at the celebration at nearby Tenwek secondary school.  Several thousand people filled the soccer field to be a part of the celebration.    Dr. Stephens reminded us that Tenwek was founded on principals of 1) prayer 2) striving for excellence 3) humility and 4)  "keep the main thing, the main thing." (sharing the gospel).

Tenwek's new fountain in the courtyard with clean water!

The Kipaganga as you have never seen it before with a catered dinner.

Tenwek Hospital's new sign.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Everything was so cleaned up. It must have been an great encouragement to see all of your missionary family friends at Tenwek for a brief time of renewal. How was the drive? Those girls just do everything. I am glad that mud is OK. It washes off easily. Did you get counted in the census? Did the new yellow sign replace the cement one at the top of the hospital on the road?
Thank you Sara for your reminder that words of encouragement to others help to lighten our hearts also.
Love, Grammie

Family said...

Thanks for sharing! It is wonderful to read your blog and is a great reminder of wonderful times at Tenwek.
God Bless!