Monday, August 31, 2009

1st day of 1st Grade

Amelia woke-up earlier, got dressed and then had to wait to walk to school. She had her new outfit on (courtesy of Nana) and a new backpack (thanks to Grammie). Meredith also put on her coat and backpack and thought she would be going to school as well. 
I think the day was a success. Amelia's been talking about school since coming home, and looks forward to collecting the "four things to share about me" for Friday. I think the biggest problem is going to be settling on only 4 things! 

This was also an exciting day for me as Dr. Sharon Morad (OB) began working and we will be together the next year. We've got a busy day lined-up for tomorrow and I'm grateful for her help!


Anonymous said...

They both look so grown up. We are so glad that she likes school as she has lots of years ahead and there is so much exciting to learn.
Let us know what the four things she likes are. Only four. That will be hard.
It is great to hear that your colleague has started. You will be a blessing to one another. Grammie

Megan said...

We are anxious to hear if Amelia likes school and her new friends.

The Friess Family said...

Amelia is enthralled with what she calls "real school" and has no desire to go back to home school. Her friends are many and not just limited to first graders but also second graders as well.
The four items she brought to tell about herself-
1) Picture of her family
2) Magic Magnets--because she likes magnets
3) Kenyan Necklace-because she likes jewelry
4) Kenyan Schillings-she likes shopping
5) It was too hard to pick just--She brought a knock-knock joke book because she enjoys telling knock-knock jokes.

Rachel said...

So great to hear how much Amelia is enjoying school!...I'm glad she got a knock knock joke book too...I remember the ones she used to make up about random items in the house! Hopefully we can chat this weekend! Love you all!