Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kijabe Hospital- Healthcare to God's Glory

The first hospital at Kijabe mission station, Theodora Hospital, was established in 1915. This served the medical needs of the area until 1957 when church leaders sensed a need for a referral medical centre. In 1961, the first building of the present complex was erected and opened with a 65-bed capacity and a small surgical unit. By 1969, the second building was finished which included a 30-bed maternity unit, 3 private rooms and a well designed and equipped theatre.

The three and a half year community nurse training program began in 1980, the same year that President Moi officially opened the new outpatient building. In 1991, the dental department began a two-year program for training Kenyan dentists. The most recent initiative which began in 1995 involves training Christian Kenyan doctors in a new Intern Training Program.

A Board of Governers was established in 1972 and since then, Kijabe Hospital has been a church rather than a mission hospital. It is operated by the Africa Inland Church(AIC) as part of a network of four hospitals and forty-five dispensaries located throughout Kenya.    (adapted from

Kijabe hospital receives patients from all over Kenya and often the surrounding countries of East Africa.  Kijabe currently trains medical students, family practice residents, and surgery residents.  The inpatient wards run at 140% capacity.  Construction will begin soon on 5 new theatres (Operating Rooms).  

Kijabe seeks to remain true to its motto to provide, "Healthcare to God's Glory."


jennifer said...

I think people will find it odd to see people in Africa wearing winter hats!! :) jen

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Thanks for taking the time to blog about your experiences in Africa... Keep up the good work! :)