Sunday, July 19, 2009

I lost my tooth in Africa

It finally fell out while eating a tortilla. Amelia proudly rescued her tooth from swallowing and showed me with a big grin. She also excitedly announced the tooth next to it is very loose too. The tooth fairy left some shillings, but Amelia wished that that tooth hadn't been thrown away. I still remember sneaking into my mother's drawer to find a box full of teeth. Mom, do you still have my teeth? I hope you've gotten rid of them by now.  


Anonymous said...

Rachel just threw out her wisdom teeth and she suggested I do the same with all the baby teeth that I have collected over the years!--with four kids you can imagine all those teeth.--well, Sar, I guess I am just more sentimental--OK, they are going in the garbage.--but I would have thought the tooth fairy could be a little more generous--our teeth were worth a shilling back in the 60's--give Amelia a HUG
Love, Mom

Megan said...

Joel has lost 3 teeth and has quite a grin now. He is saving his teeth, not me.