Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keeping Track

This July until next June 2010 I am keeping track of every surgery I perform and patient I deliver. It's not that I want to keep a record, although I think looking back I will see God's hand in the healing of many people, but rather, I'm required too. In order to take the OB/GYN oral boards I must keep track. After 1 week, I'm finding just how challenging this will be. First, records are hard to track down. Second, I don't round on all 100+ patients I'm responsible for every day. Last, there are some things I'd rather not keep a record of. For example, in one week there was a uterus that ruptured, a patient that coded, an eclamptic patient who's baby died during delivery, an newly diagnosed HIV + patient with a rash that I can't figure out and therefore can't really treat, and a C/S last night that hemorrhaged from where the intern had performed the tubal. Nevertheless, the list is getting made and shaped by the patients brought to me at Kijabe. And although, it may not be the list I want, it is the one God ordained. 


jennifer said...

wow you are one tough cookie!! hang in there and focus on the miracles that you do preform everyday!! :)

Anonymous said...

In every part of it, you are a blessing, Sara. Always try to remember that.

Anonymous said...

You will have more cases and more variety of cases than anyone. Darin is taking his boards next week I believe in Chicago. He will be glad to have that behind him. You can do it Sara. We are so proud of you and love you dearly.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What an amazing list of events in your blog! What an amazing woman you are! I'm delighted to have "found" you once again--thanks to Rachel whom I saw on Friday at your dad's clinic. I'm excited to connect with you for a number of reasons. Mostly, because I care about you and your family! Did Rachel tell you that Andy (my youngest son) has just started the graduate program at MEDEX at UW to become a Physician Assistant? I'm very proud of him. Who knows, maybe he'll work in one of your hospitals someday?!


Christina said...

Sara - let me know how that goes. I will arrive in Kapsowar at the end of August and am contemplating collecting my cases there vs. waiting until I return. I'll have to talk to you about pointers.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of applying to Samaritan's in Ob/GYn as well....just do you get your gyn cases?

The Friess Family said...

To answer the person wondering about gyn cases. There are no shortage of cases at Tenwek and Kijabe. In one clinic day at Kijabe I see 60 people probably 30-50% need some type of surgical intervention. Patients come without any searching.