Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amelia's First Blog

"The chameleons at Kijabe mostly have horns, when you find them they are always going to have horns.  It's really tricky to find chameleons here.  
When chameleons eat flies its really tricky to make them eat.  If they see the fly they stick out their tongue and pull the fly into their mouth real fast.  But if they miss, the fly flies away.
The chameleon lives on our curtains but once he got out, but he found his way back (much to Sara's delight!) through our window into our house.  
His name is Horny because he has 3 horns.  If you were to visit and to hold Horny he might hiss and try to get back on the curtain.  Once a chameleon bit me.  But it did not hurt."


Anonymous said...

Good Job Amelia! I really enjoyed your post. Now I know more about chameleons. I would love to hear about your life in Kenya when you have time to post. I would also enjoy knowing more about the critters who come into your life. I, too, love all animals. I share my home with my 4 cats. We are quite the family.

Enjoy your day and say hi to Horny for me. He is quite the looker .

Much love to you,
Kathy - friend of Grammie
Bend, OR

Anonymous said...

Way to go Amelia. Do you think that I would be brave enough to hold him? How many flies does he eat in one day? Is it a lot of work to catch enough so that he is full? Grampie was fixing the screen in our kitchen and a lot of flies came in while the door was open, but I can't send them to Kenya. Thanks for sharing about Horny with us. Love you, Grammie