Sunday, June 14, 2009

Patient's Per Doctor Map of the World


This map (from lists the ratio of doctors per patients for countries of the world.  

 Cuba leads the world (or at least those countries shown on this map) in the patients per doctor ratio. Other countries doing very well include the successor states to the communist bloc nations, which generally had good (and cheap) health care, and the developed (capitalist) nations in Europe and beyond.

Here’s a list of other countries of interest;

Cuba 170
Italy 240
Switzerland 280
Portugal 290
France 300
Germany 300
South Korea 300
Spain 300
Argentina 330
United States 390
Australia 400
Great Britain 440
Qatar 450
Canada 470
Japan 500
Mexico 500
North Korea 650
China 950
Guatemala 1.100
Iraq 1.500
India 1.700
Honduras 1.800
Myanmar 2.800
Sudan 4.500
Nepal 4.800
Afghanistan 5.300
Kenya 7.100
Uganda 12.500
Burundi 33.500
Ethiopia 33.500
Tanzania 50.000


Megan said...

Amazing look at how doctors are spread through out the world.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is an incredible way to view this issue. Breathtaking actually. We do get caught up in the small things regarding medical care here in the States and need to get some perspective once in awhile to see what is really needing our attention.

Thank you for posting this map and cheers to the person or persons involved in producing it.

Bend, OR