Sunday, June 14, 2009

Leaving a Good Place

Our family's route to Tenwek Mission Hospital was circuitous and unexpected, but clearly God's fingerprints were all over our journey.
We feel blessed to have spent 7 months at Tenwek and have been warmly welcomed by the Kipsigis community, the missionary community, our church, and the hospital.  
       We are saddened to leave Tenwek, but happy to remain in Kenya.  Today we said most of our goodbyes.
At Bethesda Church our family was prayed for that "we are in the palm of God's Hand..and that our path's would be made straight."
Amelia & Meredith had a going away girl's party with her friends here.  They had Spaghetti and watched movies.  Then woke up the next morning for pancakes.
We had a family goodbye chili and bread party today.  
Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Janet & Rose who have been with us for the past 7 months.   Their smiles show what a blessing their spirits have been.  
We also go excited to join the community at Kijabe and follow God's call to a new place.

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Anonymous said...

I cry with you as you leave, having been touched by the same people who have blessed your lives, during my three weeks with you in March. God has already prepared the way for you in Kijabe. They are awaiting your arrival and the contributions that you will bring to their hospital community in the name of the Lord. Have a good first day at school Amelia.
Love to all, Grammie