Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Masai Warrior Returns..

Mamusi returned to our clinic 6 weeks after being attacked by a buffalo on the Mara.  He sustained various lacerations to his face and a jaw fracture.
        Myself and my Father-in Law (Opthamologist) attended to Mamusi immediately after the Buffalo Attack.   Today we removed the wires from Mamusi's teeth and thankfully his jaw has healed quite well.  Although, he has probably lost 25 pounds due to having his teeth fixated together for the past 6 weeks.  (An experienced missionary surgeon here told me that tooth fixation use to be a treatment for obesity before bariatric surgery.)  Mamusi has edema below his left eye and may need some further revisions. 
    I think Mamusi was thankful for the treatment.  When he left he cleared his mouth of debris by spitting on the floor of our front office.  I guess he is used to life in the Bush.  I didn't quite know how to respond.."You're welcome?"

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