Friday, May 1, 2009

A wheelbarrow

      It always strikes me how resourceful the Kenyan culture is.  Nothing is thrown away.  Anything and everything can be used for some purpose.  
   These boys greeted us on a hike nearby Tenwek.  I'm not sure what they planned to carry in the Wheelbarrow, but they were rightfully proud of their tool.

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Anonymous said...

So amazing what can be fashioned from discarded parts. This is what leaves me disheartened when I hear the whining of the upcoming generations - the Entitled Bunch as I call them. If it cannot be bought then it doesn't exist. So sad. I think of a card I got from one of my dad's neighbors after my dad's death. He, the Battalion Captain of the Bend Fire Dept, had gotten from my dad a box of "parts that eventually became a lawn mower" . That is what I grew up with and what I so want the youth of this nation to grow into - creative and inventive. I love this post.
Praying for you to be blessed today,
Bend, OR