Saturday, May 2, 2009

Goodbyes to Nana and Papa

Nana & Papa left with many tears this morning.  Meredith repeated, " I wanna go to Nana's House."   We were blessed and encouraged by their visit. 
This is their second time in Kenya in less than 6 months (their previous visit coincided with out departure in November).  At that time they were at Christian Lighthouse.  This time we (mostly the grandkids) were able to persuade them to visit Tenwek. 
        Tenwek Hospital welcomed their service.  Papa of course worked in the Eye Clinic and was able to give Dr. Ben Roberts the full time Opthamologist a much needed break.   He provided 3 weeks of clinical and surgical care to patients at Tenwek.   The Eye Clinic was happy to have "Dr. Mark...he very good at the cataract." (Cichowski is a bit difficult for the Kenyans to pronounce).         
  Nana helped out in the Neonatal Unit, rotated with Sara in the Theatre,  and gave vaccinations for children and did prenatal screenings in Tenwek's Outreach clinics. 
Dental, Eye, and OB benefited from the 7 action packers full of opthamological and dental supplies they brought.  
       At home the Meredith & Amelia were entertained with many games of Pop-Beads, reading books, coloring, & Uno with Nana & Papa.  We will miss them greatly.  Certainly the biggest sacrifice of being a missionary families is the goodbyes!


Megan said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit with your family Sara!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, blessed visit you had with your family. So many were touched by the love of Jesus.
I hope all can visit again soon.