Friday, May 15, 2009

Tenwek Video Presentation

I couldn't download the bigger version of this video. So, the titles are not readable, but hopefully most of the pictures and video speaks for itself. It was created for my parents as they went back to Oak Harbor, WA to share with one of the 3 main churches that support us, First Reformed of Oak Harbor. 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video. Thank you for posting it.
With Tears in my eyes I thank you for the privilege of praying for you.
Bend, OR

Ana said...

That is beautiful. It definitely helped renew an energy inside me to pray more for you.
with love,

Jon Brown said...

Hello Malin, Sara, Amelia, and Meredith. I have not yet posted a comment on this blog but i check it multiple times a week. Thank you for the work you're doing, for allowing us to share with you in the work through support and the blog. I will share this most recent video with FRC soon. The Lord be with you. jon

Terri said...

What an amazing video. God bless you all.