Friday, May 15, 2009

Needing Rest

Exhaustion tends to sneak-up on me. And yet, as I look back on being in Kenyan the past 6 months I shouldn't be surprised. The number are something like this: 62 nights on call, 12 maternal deaths (one my last time on-call), over 250 c-sections, and too many babies who don't live from prematurity, prolonged labor, anomalies, and delayed presentation to the hospital. Malin and I spent a lot of the past three weeks talking about how to balance the overwhelming needs of the hospital and our family's needs. 

In three weeks we move to Kijabe, and I see it as a time to start over trying to be part time. And would appreciate prayer for wisdom in making this happen. Tentatively I plan to reduce to 3.5 days per week and ask that my call frequency be no more than 5-6 per month. The hard part about doing this is I know it means others have to work harder so I can work less. On the other hand, I won't be able to keep up what I've been doing for much longer.  


Megan said...

Sara, we will pray that you are able to reduce your hours so you can also be effective at home.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I am on my knees for you also. Balance is critical to your ability to serve your family, and your God. Jesus, please wrap Sara in your love and wisdom and speak clearly to her, I know her ears are tuned to your heart. We love her as you do and want only the best, Your Best for her.

You will feel so loved and comfortable when you are where he has made you to be.
Many Prayers,
Bend, Or