Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Meredith has still been vomiting the past 2 weeks. Although she's keeping some food/liquids down it's been stressful seeing her sick, waking up at night to care for her in between being called to the hospital and hoping that we are treating the right thing (giardia). She's laying on the couch right now, quietly sucking her thumb. Meredith is usually moving all over, even in her sleep. 

Call has also been particularly challenging. Not just the volume of on-night call, but the complexity. Last night a patient in her third trimester came in with pulse of 200, respiratory rate of 60 and sat of 70%. She was in thyroid storm and I wasn't sure that I could stabilize her with the limited medication supplies we have. Thankfully she lived through the night. 

So I'm grateful that the next 10 days I have off to spend time with my parents and sister who arrive Friday. Time to take more care of Meredith. Time to read and research more about certain obstetrical issues. And time to prepare for the Easter service this Sunday where we are reminded that Christ loves us. 

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Anonymous said...

An early Happy Easter Friess Family. I am so sorry to hear that Meredith is still ill. I will pray, pray, pray. Giardia can be really tough to treat and even tougher to live with. I am so sorry Meredith, here is a big hug for you. How wonderful that you have more family coming and that you have 10 days off , Sara. May your little one get better so you can really relax a bit. As I sit here typing, Calvin's tail is tap, tap, tapping the keyboard and he clicks the mouse with his body as he stretches. So I never know when this will be sent.
I would love to hear all of your voices praising the Lord on Easter Sunday. May He bless you all with wellness this week.
Love and Prayers, Kathy