Wednesday, April 8, 2009


     There is an unfortunate "profession" that has developed in the rural of areas of Kenya.  These "professionals" call themselves exodontists.  They are men who are unlicensed and without training who extract teeth with dirty pliers, in dirt floor shacks, often without any anesthesia.  
    This is Chepkorono.  Chepkorono surprisingly, had already had her tooth removed.  She visited us one week after seeing  an exodontist not to far from Tenwek.  As you can see she has not healed appropriately.  It is likely that she has developed a massive submandibular cellulitis due to the use of dirty/contaminated instruments.   Sadly all in attempt to save a couple Shillings.
    By the time we saw her Chepkorono was quite sick with fever, fatigue, and naturally lots of pain.  Eventually this type of swelling can be life threatening if it begins to impinge on the trachea.  
     Chepkorono was taken to Theatre and a small incision was made below her mandible to drain out (burst out) cc's of foul smelling straw colored fluid.  This was repeated again the next day.  She has made a full recovery..and has promised to visit Tenwek for any further dental care.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh Malin, if you were to come back home and establish a practice you would probably be so bored.
My jaw aches for this lady. I just cannot imagine seeing an exodontist under any circumstances. I hope this lady feels the love of Jesus as her mouth and face heal.
Have a wonderful Easter celebration and a great visit with more family.