Thursday, February 12, 2009


There are an abundance of avocados in "our" front yard. The girls love collecting them after the boys have climbed up the tree and knocked them down. Amelia brings them to me as gifts. Meredith tries to pry them open with rocks and plays with them. We enjoy avocados. 

Next weekend we head to Nairobi to renew our visas. That means we will have been in Kenya 3 months. We'll also get our 6-8 week supply of groceries.  Amelia and Meredith's 10 favorite things about Kenya, in their own words:
1) "The river and waterfall near our house."
2) "That the trees are easy to climb."
3) "The mangoes are so good here."
4)" Chai in my cup!"
5) "Playing with friends."
6) "Making forts in the bushes."
7) "There are rocks here that are sparkly."
8) "That you can find Chamelions on trees."
9) "Janet and Rose" (our house help)
10) "Going to school with my friends."


Mom & Dad said...
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Anonymous said...

So good talking with you this morning. I am glad that it worked to post a picture. You know we need to see our precious granddaughters! Meredith has grown so much in 3 months.
Hope you get over your cold soon Sara.
Love, Mom

Grammie said...

What a wonderful list of things to love abour Kenya. No wonder the girls think this is home and have adjusted well. Meredith looks like she has her hands full. Do the girls like avocadoes as much as you do Sara? Thanks for the picture. Hello little sweetie pie. How was the Valentine's party? love to all, Grammie

Genet said...

I am jealous of the avocados. Yum! It sounds like your girls are having a wonderful experience that they will hopefully remember when they are grown.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. What a great post. I love the list and how the girls thought it through.

Much love and many prayers for you all,
Bend, OR