Friday, January 23, 2009

Amelia's First Day of Kindergarden

It was unrealistic to think we could homeschool Amelia and work full-time. So, we rejoice at the arrival of Teacher Sarah. She's just what Amelia adores. You can't beat the ratio: 2 teachers for 4-5 students. Amelia's grade meets 2-4 hours/day. Malin is also teaching the PE segment and helping the older kids get the Presidential fitness award. This afternoon is African geology; art, science, math, reading, and language were covered early this week. When I asked Amelia what she learned at school today she replied, "It was really important, but Mommy, some things are too important to remember." 


Ana said...

I love that! Amelia is full of cute phrases :). I'm so excited that they're learning Africa geology! Maybe I won't be the only rock doctor in the family after all! Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh, is that ever a keeper !!!!
Bend, OR

Megan said...

Malin = I'm sure you will be a great PE teacher. Do you remember the bulletin board you made for my class when I was Miss Friess? Make them run hard. Joel had to do 1/2 mile for PE and he got a stitch in his side.

Bryan Poole said...

Hey, this is Bryan (and Erica). It's been great reading about your adventures, both good and bad. Amelia's comment made us both laugh, and in many ways holds truth for me as I try to learn these important things about God. I'll have to use this line with my teachers the next time I forget something!