Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Amelia rescues Liezel

    Amelia and I found a baby Bird who had fallen from a tree branch on the path to the hospital.  We looked for a nest above with no luck.
     Amelia took the bird home and we searched the web for urgent bird rescue techniques.  First Amelia named the bird 'Liesel' (she is into Sound of Music).   She then made a nest in a basket with towels and tissues for a blanket.   Amelia gave Liesel sugar water through a medicine dropper every 30 minutes.   He has a bright yellow tongue.  Liesel began to chirp and flap his wings.  The next day Amelia made a mix of cat food and water and as you can see in the picture Liesel takes food from tweezers .  We will see what happens as Liesel is getting stronger everyday.  This bird adds to Amelia's collection of geckos named Climber, Tom, and Hisser-Tisser.


Anonymous said...

Hey Amelia,
Good, good job. Give Liesel my love. I just saved a baby bird too. It was a below zero night here in Bend, OR (yes, I am one of Grammie's friends) and I saw this baby bird all fluffed up to protect itself from the cold and nestled up against the front door. It was so cold it let me gently pick it up and put it in a box with warm towels. It perked up right away but because it was so cold and dark I covered the box and taped the cover down then poked holes very carefully in the box for air and put the box in a warm but safe closet for the night - I have 4 cats and they were more than too interested. The closet door was closed for protection. The next morning I waited until it was 30 degrees out and lots of bird were out feeding. I took the box out onto my front porch, opened it to find a very bright eyed little guy, probably a finch, who flew right off into the trees where I feed the birds. It was so much fun and I will never forget it.

I hope you enjoy my story as much as I have enjoyed yours. It is awesome to always watch the little critters around and help when needed.

You put a smile in God's heart, Amelia.

Much Love, Kathy

I hope you enjoy my dog's picture. He is the same breed as the Winn Dixie dog.

jennifer said...

looks like you got another dr in your house :) love the updates! jen

Grammie said...

We just got home from Guatemala last night after a good medical trip. We love your updates about what you are doing everyday. As we say in our family, Atta boy to you Malin and atta girl to you Sara for the good jobs you are both doing. Thanks for calling Amelia. We are sorry to hear that your bird Liesel died. I am glad you are enjoying the Sound of Music. It was the very first movie I ever saw when I was 17 years old. We are most grateful Sara for the friends that God has provided for you in Tenwek to walk along side of you with physical help and for the spiritual help and emotional strength that our God provides. We pray for all of you every day. Reading that you have been studying and praying yourself through new and difficult surgeries sounds just like the stories that Dr. Ernie Steaury tells in his book about Tenwek. We both finished it on our trip. We send all of you love, hugs and prayers,