Monday, December 29, 2008


We have not blogged about something we've spent much time discerning through prayer, conversations with other missionaries and World Medical Mission. Before we wrote, we wanted to be certain we knew God's direction. 
Since arriving in Kenya, we have felt growing uncertainty about going to Cameroon. We attributed this initially to not knowing what faced us at Banso Hospital. But the more we talked to other missionaries and the more we prayed the more we knew God desired us to remain in Kenya. After talking with our mission board they agreed as well. Tenwek Hospital and Kijabe Hospital, both in Kenya,  have things we need to be successful for the next 2 years and possibly for life. There is schooling, a large mission community, help from other specialties, and many other families supporting us as we both work. This was agonizing as we had committed to Cameroon, but we believe God is sovereign. We also believe God knew our plans long before we understood them. And as we know what God desires we have no choice but to obey. So, we will remain at Tenwek for at least 6 months and then likely be going to Kijabe Hospital. The dates/timing is not all arranged yet. We also would still like to visit Cameroon a short time while we are here. 
Amelia asked me a wonderful question tonight. She said, "Mommy, I think two years is too short. Can we please stay 6 years or even the rest of life in Kenya?" She did not know we were staying in Kenya yet. We believe God called our entire family to missions and even Amelia is hearing that call. 


Anonymous said...

Sara and Malin,

I know what a stressful time you have endured and prayed through. The decision is a good one for sure.

I loved Amelia's comment. How reassuring. God speaks is so many ways and you are certainly listening.

God Speed, richly bless, and encourage you as you settle in for some permanent service where you are until He moves you again.

Many, many prayers,
Bend, OR

Rhett, Megan, Claire and Ford said...

Hi there,
I'm a blog stalker :) I've been following your journey and waiting anxiously to hear about where God was going to direct your path. We are in the 2009 post-residency "class" and will be heading to Kijabe so I was thrilled to read that you may end up there as well. I look forward to following your family's journey as we prepare to begin ours.