Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day

This is our first time celebrating boxing and we're not exactly sure what to do. But it does mean a day off, a potluck, and time to take down Christmas decorations.

We had a great Christmas. The Christmas Eve service included myself reading a sermon from our good friend Pastor Derek Starr Redwine which was planned no more than 3 hours before the service. Christmas Day we began celebrating in church with music and the children's program. Then we brought gifts and caroled in the pediatric ward as a church. Next we shared lunch with the Crognales, a dual physician couple with 2 little girls, very much like us. Dino Crognale made a wonderful lasagna and I made Amy Starr Redwine's buttermilk chess pie. After visiting we went to our friends the Galat's. We first met the Galat's at our Samaritan Purse orientation. We watched Cheaper by the Dozen and ate popcorn with orange fanta. 

Our internet connection worked well enough to Skype with both of our families. This is always an encouragement.  Tomorrow we head into Nairobi which on a good day is a 4 hour drive one-way. We will be grocery shopping and visiting the Massai Market, the local craft market and returning Sunday.  


Megan N said...

I love the picture of the 4 of you! Does boxing day involve boxes? It was great to Skype you, we'll try again soon.

Ana Meyer said...

What a great family picture! Glad you were surrounded by new friends on Christmas--we still missed having you at home, though!