Monday, August 11, 2008

A wonderful visit

After a red-eye flight we made it back from Seattle, sorry to leave the Northwest once again. Our visit started with Malin's family reunion at Crescent Lake. Amelia thought celebrating her birthday with her cousins was the best party ever. I can't believe she is already five. While we were there Amelia became particularly tired and crabby as I talked to her about controlling her emotions she tearfully said, "Mommy I'm just not used to being 5. I need more practice."

Meredith enjoyed every sand, dust particle, rock and stick by tasting them first. She tried hard to keep up with the older cousins and was frequently wandering off to the slide without adult supervision. Her vocabulary expanded dramatically and she also learned many new animal noises. Her favorite word is still BALLOOOOON!

After a week the kids were completely worn out and then we headed to Oak Harbor. My family got in the usual crabbing, fishing, large meals and a special trip to the Vancouver aquarium. Amelia really enjoyed meeting the baby Beluga and Meredith proudly learned the word "fish". 

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Megan said...

Anna and Joel had such fun with Amelia at the lake. They miss her tons!