Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School

Backpacks, dolls, lunches....ready to go!

Meredith is in Pre-Kindergarden in the mornings this year. She likes learning songs, making friends, and earning coupons for a pizza party. She also gets excited when she occasionally see's her big sister on the playground.

Amelia is learning about the solar system and has declared when she turns 10 she wants to go to space! She is enjoying a similar curriculum with Advanced Reading as she used in Kenya. She has made a good friend with the other new student from Texas. The worst part of school was that in PE she had to square-dance with a boy


Megan N said...

Looking good! Such smart girls.

Ana said...

I LOVE these picture and hearing about the girls in school. They look so cute! Seeing them with backpacks is so nostalgic. Miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures!!--miss you,
Mom C

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