Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Happy New Year! We celebrated by playing games until 930pm. That was late enough for Meredith and Amelia and then I decided I shouldn't stay-up too much later. Good thing I went to bed because Meredith woke-up early as usual and came to say, "I need breakfast and I can't wait until Papa is up." We're looking forward to starting the year with family the "thing" we missed most over the past 2 years in Kenya.

The girls have noticed a lot of things that are different about America. Amelia, in particular, notices all the signs and names of stores (in part because there are so many more choices of places to shop). She asked me why AM/PM was named that, I explained it's because it's a convenience store open all the time, day and night. Later on she said she didn't want a job where she worked all day and all night. I said, "Like Mommy's job as an obstetrician?" "No," she replied, "Like the people who work at AM/PM." Amelia enjoys a good night's sleep so I think New Year's will never be one of her favorite holidays!

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