Thursday, January 20, 2011

God made me that way....

As I carried Meredith to the car after swimming lessons she said, "Wouldn't it be great if we had a bathroom in our car?" I said, "No, it wouldn't be great because guess who would have to clean it!" She retorted that then we could not only "tinkle" in the bathroon, but in the car as well and that would be fun particularly since "we can't go potty in the hot tub or the pool." I teased her about being one of the silliest 4 year olds I've ever known. She said, "Mom, I just came out like that. That's what God made me."

I think she's right. But have often wondered what parts of my personality God made and therefore are pleasing before Him and what parts of my personality arise from a sinful heart. Sometimes the answer is obvious. Other times I'm not so sure. When does driveness change from admirable to annoying or harmful to people around you? And there have been times I've heard, "God made me that way," as some pseudo-religous reason to engage in something like gossip. It'd be convenient if that phrase provided a spiritual exempt when we don't want to aknowledge wrong-doing.

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