Saturday, November 13, 2010

Skipping Cultures

O God of all creation,

Bless this our land and nation.

Justice be our shield and defender,

May we dwell in unity,

Peace and liberty.

Plenty be found within our borders.

Yesterday, Amelia sang to me the first stanza to Kenya's national anthem. I guess it shouldn't be surprising as she sings the anthem weekly at school during flag raising.
Ee Mungu nguvu yetu

Ilete baraka kwetu

Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi

Natukae na udugu

Amani na uhuru

Raha tupate na ustawi.

But then Amelia really surprised me my singing the first stanza of Kenya's National Anthem in Swahili (with just a little assistance from Nancy our househelper). So after Amelia finished I clapped and said, "So Amelia, what about the Star Spangled Banner?" She looked at me blankly...."you know..Oh say can you seeeeee, by the....." Still a blank stare from Amelia.

"Dad..I don't know what song you are singing."

I guess Amelia has in a way skipped cultures from USA to Kenya and will then be skipping back again in the near future to the USA. I wonder if they still sing the Star Spangled Banner back in US schools today? If so it will be new to Amelia.

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Megan said...

Both our kids have learned the Star Spangled Banner at school. Of course, it is also sung at sporting events.