Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Long Walk

The walking journey from our duplex on lower station below Kijabe Hospital to Amelia's school at upper station has many detours on the way.
7:23 AM - Off to school we go.

7:25 - Climbing Gravel Mountain.

7:28 - Past Kijabe Hospital and watching out for Matatus dropping patients.

7:31-7:34 - Stop to pick up a Weaver Bird nest that dropped from the tree above.

7:37 Tight-rope walking along side the curb.

7:39 - Stop to touch the Sap Stump.

7:41 - Up the gigantic steps of the outdoor amphitheater.

7:43- A pause to quench our thirst.

7:46 - Finally a flat part of our walk across the soccer field.

7:49 - Always time to hang from the soccer goal.

7:53 - Stop to take a swing.

7:56- Made it with 4 minutes to spare before the school bell rings.


Ana said...

Wow! That is quite the trek! Great pictures of the girls. I especially like the one with the RVA barn in the background.

Anonymous said...

love this post!--missing my girls!!
Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

All of these pictures make we wish I was right there walking with them. I think it is like walking up Pilot butte twice! You have written some great posts recently. There is lots to ponder.
Love, Mom F

Megan said...

Great walk - Here in Denver, most kids are driven to school. What does "Titchie Swot" mean?

Anonymous said...

The walk to school. I miss that in the middle of my work day!