Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's seems churches, Christian schools and other religious institutions find a way to get kids to dress-up and then distribute candy on Halloween under the guise of a different name. At my childhood church we dressed-up for "Reformation Day". Amelia's preschool had a fall festival. Well in the case of RVA it's called "Carnival." Malin learned that two 50 pound suitcases were transported from the States loaded with candy for the event (to a dentist this causes chest pain or at least makes them think about getting the drill ready). Amelia chose to be cats with her school big sisters and Meredith went as Aurora complete with high heals and make-up. They had a great time. Only coming home with 4 pieces of candy each from the games they played. So I'm just wondering what the record out there is for the number of pieces of candy collected in one evening?


Jennifer said...

Wow - candy flown in from the states! Looked like a fun time. We have a vampire, pink cat and a bumblebee at our house.

Megan said...

Estee got 34 pieces of candy, but she quit early. We have Barney, a bride, and a skull pirate at our house. I'll let you guess who each is.

rachel said...

My 11 year old daughter collected 9.8 pounds of candy in just under 2 hours. You would not believe the amount of candy in our house. (Not to mention the amount collected by her 4 younger siblings.)

West Chester, PA