Friday, October 22, 2010

Waxing & Waiting (A Walk Through Kijabe Dental)

Take a quick pictorial walk through Kijabe Dental Clinic.

Caroline (COHO) developing intra-oral x-rays with the old fashioned peripro-light box using the hand dip method.

Louis (COHO) scaling teeth with the old fashioned patient spittoon (now eliminated in the US because of OSHA) in the foreground. Patients always tell me they miss having this spittoon available to clear their mouth.

Just like in the U.S. our patients wait as well (or Queue as they call it). We try to recycle old magazines and leave them in the waiting room for their pleasure.

Dr. Friess at the Dental Clinic in a rare appearance with a suit and tie the day President Kibaki visited Kijabe. The comments were remarkable, 1) Dr. Friess you look smart today. 2) Dr. Friess you are being smart 3) Dr. Friess you are looking smart wearing a tie. 4) Dr. Friess- yes it is smart for you to wear a suit. I guess I said, "thanks! Imagine all the smarter clinical decisions I could make if I wore a suit and tie everyday. But on the other hand...if I'm smart when I wear suit and tie, how am I the other days?"

George (laboratory dental technician) waxing up a denture with a burner just as I did years ago in dental school.

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Anonymous said...

Great tour. Loved the blue bowl. I love being old enough to remember using ones just like it. Caroline has a great smile - dental folks should have nice smiles - a hiring piece I think. Oh, and yes, that smart looking doctor. I would trust my teeth to him in a heartbeat.

God Bless and Keep Kijabe Dental.

Kathy in Bend