Monday, October 25, 2010

Mr. G's Salon

Walk down the dirt road past the hospital, vegetable ladies, supa-duka, the old gas station (with no working tanks) and you will find Mr. G's Salon.

Mr. G's Salon has a plenty of mirrors, vigorous vines, electricity from a car battery, Kenyan tunes on the radio, and a barber chair with a heavy hub-cap as its base.

Mr. G. makes it easy to select your desired hairstyle (1-50) by displaying all your options on the wall. I picked 48 without the goatee. I'm not sure if your cutting instruments affect a barber's options; but I found it interesting that Mr. G has 3 electric clippers in his Salon but not even one pair of scissors. Interesting??

I find the overall haircut experience at Mr. G's Salon pleasant from the initial seating with a cape to the final hot towel dressing of the neck at the departure. Mr. G. cut my hair and told me I looked, "smart and young!" And all for under 70 KSH. Amelia, Meredith, & Sara haven't yet followed my lead.


Megan said...

Yes, you do look smart and young. However, since Mr. G doesn't have scissors, then I think the ladies of your family are wise to get their hair done elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Try as he might, I don't think Mr. G is going to get you to resemble #49. Mr G gave me a fine haircut when i was in Kijabe. Dad