Tuesday, October 5, 2010

African proverbs

There are many wonderful African proverbs like, " A single bracelet doesn't jingle" or "When spiders unite they can tie up an army" or "Haraka, haraka heina baraka (Hurry, hurry there is no blessing)."

After thinking our lives were going to end on the road numerous times I've decided to create a few more proverbs of my own. Perhaps this in some way will ease my anxiety every time we get into the car.

"It's the engine, not the body that counts."

"It is better to add people to the car than leave a friend on the road."

"Speed limits are just recommendations on the freeway of life."

"The biggest vehicle always wins."

"Flashing lights do not signal all is well." (Drivers flash lights to indicate they are in your lane, but see you coming.)

"A single branch can stop traffic." (Tree branches are often used to mark accident sites or to signal that a car has broken down on the road)

"Donkey carts on freeways are just God's reminders to slow down and enjoy the view."

"You never know what could be coming at you, so know where you are going."

Anybody else have some vehicular proverbs to add?

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