Sunday, August 15, 2010


Some of you might know that Malin is an Eagle Scout. I don't know much about scouting but I'm pretty sure the motto is still, "Always be prepared." Well, Malin and his Dad decided to go on a long bike ride yesterday starting at the top of Mt. Bachelor going to Sun River and then splitting up; Malin going back up to get the car and his dad going on to Bend. 

While Malin brought 2 bottles of water in 90 degree weather, heading straight up hill after 55 miles he found himself quite dehydrated. And with 6 miles left to go literally unable to go on. So he did the only sensible thing and hitch hiked. That's right he put his thumb out and the first truck that passed him stopped, put his bike in the back and drove him to the car. I still have yet to try hitch hiking although I have picked people up before.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to the truck guy for the ride. I am so sorry this happened, Malin. It must have felt awful.

Stay safe and have more fun,